Call for Nominations 2017-18

Thank you for your interest in serving on the IAND Board in 2018-2019. 

Job descriptions for each position, which includes length of term, are available for your review below. Additional information, including details about assignments or position “perks” can be found in the Bylaws & Standing Rules. Searching your position title will bring you to the information you’re looking for in both of those large governance documents. We also encourage you to look at the current Strategic Plan to view our mission, goals, and values.

Completed nomination/ application forms should be sent via email to Anna Busenburg, RD, CSP, CD, Nominating Committee Chair, at Please include a headshot, as well, to be used for the voting ballot.

Questions or inquiries for contact information of current leaders in position(s) of interest to you can be directed to Anna, as well.

Positions to be Elected by IAND Members

These position descriptions and qualified nominees will appear on the ballot that is finalized by December each year and sent to all IAND members the following January (2018). Election results are collected and tallied, before being released before the Annual Meeting in April (2018).

Positions to be Appointed by the Incoming President

These position descriptions and qualified nominees will be forwarded along to the incoming IAND President for review, who will determine the best fit for each position.

  • Consumer Protection Coordinator (CPC)/State Policy Representative (SPR)/ State Regulatory Specialist (SRS) job description
  • Strategic Partnership Coordinator job description (Previously Marketing Chair)
  • Digital Communications Chair job description (Previously Newsletter Editor/ State Media/ PR/ Liaison Manager)

​Best of luck!

Anna Busenburg, RD, CSP, CD
Nominating Committee Chair

Lauren Foley, RD
Nominating Committee

Katie Shepherd, MS, RD,CD
Nominating Committee